94: Legal Nerd-ness with Jeff Richardson

A product for detecting leaks and turning off your water main

I haven’t gone this route, I’m just using the Flume2 to monitor my water usage which alerts me if I have a big leak or a little leak, and then I go hunting.



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When you get your Home Assistant Yellow or Blue @MacSparky you should check node-red as a more visual way to automate things. My protip is sometimes it’s best to leave some automation to home assistant and just export stuff from HA to homekit and use HomeKit as frontend.
Good resources are HookUp and DrZss on YouTube - they have a lot of beginner-friendly guides.

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As a Shortcuts noob, I would be interested in seeing how to make the changes to Jeff’s Receipt Shortcut as suggested by @RosemaryOrchard.

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Only got around to hearing this late, but the subtle word „Homeassistant“ got me excited.

I am all in on Homeassistant as my Smart Home central because I am trying to keep everything as budget friendly as possible, but at the same time have some cool automation.

So my setup includes a combination of Homeassistant, Node-RED, Aqara Sensors, Tradfri Lights, a Zigbee Raspberry Pi Hat for control, Sonoff Mini Switches and Gosund Smart Plugs with Tasmota Firmware for smart heating with Energy Monitoring.

So if you need any help with anything Homeassistant, I would be glad to help :)!

Edit: Forgot to mention, obviously everything gets feed into Homekit as well. Don‘t want to miss out on iOS integrations.

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Sparky is getting Home Assistant Yellow, I started mine by running things on a Raspberry Pi and switched over to a much more powerful dedicated device recently. I’m having a lot of fun with it!


Definetly interested to hear about his experience with the Yellow. I am totally not the target audience for such a device, but it makes HA more accessible.

Yeah, dedicated hardware here too, one of many Docker containers.
Started out very small but after moving apartments went all in and HA just gets more awesome the more you throw at it.

Also: I‘m very interested to hear how you both handle the Homekit integration. If you just use HA for its integrations and export everything to Homekit as the Hub, or if you make use of the Homekit Controller from HA :smiley:

Node-Red also available on Raspberry Pi.

Hi there,

I listened to this episode this morning and have a short annotation for the text expansion part:
I am using atext, a small text expansion App (crossplattform) since I don`t need another subscription.

one neat little feature:
atext lets you import and export your snippets to the OSX text substitution.
I find the system preferences window not suitable for putting in lots of snippets.
For me atext is the missing interface for OSX snippets. And I don`t need an extra keyboard on my iphone, since the snippets are syncing across my devices.

I am not in any kind realated to atext except using it on a daily base.

by the way: i love your podcast!!


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In case anyone is interested I have modified Jeff’s receipt shortcut to use Data Jar and the Toolbox Pro scanning shortcut action as suggested by @RosemaryOrchard and @MacSparky. Here is my dining favorites shortcut.

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