89: Kelly Guimont, iPhone Automator


This episode was a “stop the podcast, go to the show notes, find the link to Dave Hamilton’s website” moment. Holy smokes. I see Dave’s link to his macro for logging Audio Hijack recordings no longer works, so I’ll be recreating it while thanksgiving dinner cooks in the oven. (happy to post it here when I’m done, if anyone else is interested.)

Okay, time to continue the podcast!

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Great episode!

What is the shortcuts action to change headphones output? Trying to recreate and couldn’t figure that one out.

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Set Playback Destination


@RosemaryOrchard, you mentioned triggering shortcuts when you both turn on and turn off specific focus modes. Are these triggers still working for you on 15.1?

We were discussing on This thread that a few of us are not able to get shortcuts to trigger. Wondering if the same is true for you?

They vary in reliability. Some days they seem to work fine, other days nothing works. It’s driving me mad - well, madder than I already was!

Does this exist on Shortcuts for Mac? I for the life of me can’t find it.

Regarding clipboard and TextExpander – I use “;cb” to paste the clipboard as plain text, “;pcb” to paste the clipboard as plain text with parentheses, and “;qcb” to paste the clipboard with quotes. And, because I work (indirectly) for the government, I have a whole collection of acronym and initialisms expansions, so that something like “;nasa” gets me “National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)”