81: Shortcuts for Mac with Developer Zachary Lineman

Was getting quite excited as the show went along (and even had a project in mind to test this out) until I learned (at 47 minutes in) that third party Shortcuts are currently not supported :frowning:

Hope that Zachary can add that “soon”!

(when macOS 12 & iOS 15 final are out?)

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I’m just listening to this now, and I noticed a small technical problem with the chapters - the Tech Talk sponsor ends here at 24:28, but the chapter marker for the sponsor goes on for another 8:20:

All the other chapter markers seem fine :slightly_smiling_face:

But while I’m here, the Jellycuts Documentation link goes to a 404! The link in the shownotes is https://jellycuts.com/documentation, but I checked the site and the real one seems to be Jelly Documentation :+1:

It is coming soon! I am actually currently in the process of asking for permission from developers to use their actions. Currently Tool Box Pro and The Wallpaper App, have agreed to add their actions.

If you have any other apps you would like me add, please let me and that developer know you want the actions in Jellycuts!


Remember The Milk, version 5.0.5 (26-Sep-2019) or newer, with a Pro account.


Great episode, and I’m happy to support Zach. What an awesome app!

During the episode you mentioned that you had a shortcut to pull down your assignments from Infinite Campus, and I have two students that could use a kick in the similar homework reminder system.

Any chance you could point me toward the API? The ones I’ve seen aren’t clearly trustable, and I want to make sure we treat their logins with care.

I figure this is as good a first project as I’m likely to find for Jellycuts. Awesome job.

Thank you! That means a ton!

I am not familiar with Infinite Campus, my school uses Canvas for our learning software.

I would check and see if Infinite Campus has a way to create a calendar for assignments. Canvas has a calendar tab where you can export their calendar into an auto-updating .ical file. This was the biggest part of my school assignment parsing.