79: Brett Terpstra


I am interested in the quick change to different language keyboards in Bunch, despite @MacSparky 's jest about it. I live in Thailand an d work at a university. I use the US keyboard about 95% of the time. However, it would be handy to jump to the Thai keyboard when it was necessary. However, I missed the method for that.

Can someone post that?


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I’m not seeing the episode in Downcast. Is it published? Thanks!


Yes. It downloaded automatically for me in Overcast, I just haven’t listened to it yet, and it is available via the Relay.fm website.

I love the simplicity and the ingeniousness of Bunch.

Like David referred to in the episode, I am already using keyboard maestro to accomplish pretty much the same thing. To any other dual users, any upside to using this versus KM?

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As Rose and David mentioned, Contexts seems to be the Bunch sweet spot. I feel a natural pull toward plain text, so that simplicity may be enough for me to change many of my Keyboard Maestro context automations to Bunch. I think the text-file based simplicity also opens the door to smaller automations. I’m teaching this Summer and, while I wouldn’t think of writing a separate KM script for each class, writing a bunch to pull in the websites I need along with opening my presentation seems pretty quick and something I could reuse. I also like the idea of executing actions on closing the bunch. For instance, I have a KM context for time-blocking that sets the default calendar appropriately. Switching to a different context I want to switch back to my default calendar set. I don’t think KM does that as elegantly.


What a great episode, David and Rose sound like kids in a candy shop! Very tech heavy, but that’s why we love Automators! Keep on geeking on!


I was a bit surprised to hear that Brett still uses Karabiner with the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. Maybe he’s doing more with it than just the hyper-key. I set up the left “mouse” type button, below the Mod key, for the hyper key on my UHK using the UHK Agent software.

Do Finder windows opened with Bunch automatically close when you close the bunch? It doesn’t seem to do so for me.

I just add an AppleScript command to close all Finder windows

That’s what I did eventually. Just curious if that was really the behaviour.

So happy to hear that @MacSparky is using Vim navigation.

I hope you find the keybindings amusing to use :smiley: