77: Unicorn Automation with Kathy Campbell

Unicorn Sidekick

I misheard this as “Unicorn Psychic” the first few times that it was said on the podcast, and was very confused… :laughing:

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Two comments for the automation opportunities discussed in the show:

  • Management of Lightroom files (photos) with Hazel: once imported, Lightroom would loose track of the photos if you change their names/location with Hazel (technically Lightroom holds “pointers” to the files in its database). There are options to reconcile files moved outside of Lightroom but I would say this should not be part of a standard workflow. So if you want to you use Hazel in combination with Lightroom I suggest to use it before importing the files into Lightroom
  • Using the Stream deck and setting up a keyboard combo of “P” (for Pick/Flag) and “Right arrow” (for moving to the next photo) : Lightroom has the concept of “Auto Advance”, so if you either press “Shift-P” or turn Caps Lock on, Lightroom automatically advances to the next photo in the current library view