75: Bunches of Automation, with Jay Miller

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Great episode!

I’m planting the seed here:
Better Touch Tool + Homecontrol = Home Control buttons right on the TouchBar.
(I put all my home control under the Control key menu.)

using the home control URL scheme and the URL action in Better Touch Tool.

Lighting, fans, even my Harmony Hub (through Homebridge) all available in colorful and grouped buttons.

Pretty great!

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Hi I’m Jay! AMA!..

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Pinboard discussion was interesting. I’m not a subscriber - and might never be with the “pay upfront” business model.

So I got looking at iOS / iPad OS clients. Pinstachio was mentioned. It doesn’t advertise any automation whereas Pushpin does. Any reason, other than that, to choose one over the other?

This was a really great episode!

Jay seemed so familiar, but I couldn’t pinpoint why, until I noticed that he was also in a Focused episode :smiley:

Bunch is a really great recommendation.
I didn’t immediately know what to do with it, but today (just 1 day later), I have already found a perfect use-case for it.
And the bunch syntax is so nice and easy, I really enjoy using it!

It also seems like I will have to give Hook a try.
I thought it could only create unique URLs for all kinds of stuff, but hooking things together sounds hella fancy.
Question: How does Hook save these inter-hooks? Are they saved on disc, in iCloud? I am a little worried to use it, as long as I don’t know I can keep the data backed up. :sweat_smile:

Great episode and thank you Jay for the Bunch recommendation. I was playing around with keyboard maestro but it is way more than what I need and bunch fits right in. Already setup three bunches and will continue to explore it more in the future.

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Thanks, Jay! Not sure if you are monitoring this discussion. But if you are, or if anyone else wants to chime in …

How do you create a hook link to a repeating calendar event?

Hi! I am watching this.

I’ve been testing Hook and Calendar things. I will say that Hook relies on the app context. The first thing I would ask is if you’re using the Calendars app. If so, select the event (just one of the instances) and activate Hook.

No preference over the other. Honestly, I just like the like and simplicity of Pinstachio (and the name…)

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Hook stores them in a sqlite database in the Application Support library. Everything is stored locally (unless you have them also saving to Pinboard)

There is also a sync status so these updates will be replicated across all your macOS devices.

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I’m not sure what I was doing wrong, but it does work with calendars. But I can’t seem to get it to work with BusyCal.

Fun and interesting episode, as usual. One thing puzzling me. I didn’t know BTT had implemented hyperkey all on its own. That’s pretty much the only thing I use Karabiner for. So I tried removing it from Karabiner and now shortcuts with hyperkey elsewhere (not in BTT) don’t work. I was suprised; maybe I shouldn’t have been.

Is there something I need to do in order to remove Karabiner and yet still have my hyperkey shortcuts work with the BTT hyperkey? I don’t want to have to recreate shortcuts in BTT if I don’t have to (though I could if there’s an upside).

I don’t have an answer for you, but I will say that BTT hyper key has not worked well for me at all. I went back to Karabiner with my M1 Mac Mini, and it works so much better for me.

That’s very good to know; thanks. I’ll pause before trying to eliminate Karabiner.

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Me too.I’ll keep Karabiner managing Caps Lock.