70: Matthew Cassinelli and Changing Your Shortcuts Usage

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I really enjoyed this episode. Did I miss something tho cause it seems like a lot of the screenshots that were mentioned would be in the show notes weren’t?

I’m really looking forward to digging into some of the actions/shortcut offerings that MATTHEW has to offer :smiley:

I also enjoyed the episode.Two things, one short, one long…

The short one

… It occurred to me that Siri Shortcuts Suggestions tend to be single step. That’s missing a lot of the power. Yes, I know that they probably arise from “AI” seeing what you’re doing but so many of the suggestions are underwhelming.

The long one

There was mention of shortcuts to change watch faces so I thought I’d experiment with this.

I want a pair of shortcuts to change to an “exercise” watch face and back to my normal one (Infograph Modular).

  1. I defined a watch face with just Overcast and Workouts and Drafts on it, based on the Nike one. I can not get simpler than that - and this irritates me. Really I want three big “push me” icons - “Start Outdoors Run”, “Stop Outdoors Run”, and “Overcast”. I guess this is the age-old lament “custom watch faces aren’t a thing”. (Also, renaming watch faces is impossible.)
  2. I created a Shortcuts folder “Watch Faces”.
  3. I created a “Switch watch face to Exercise” shortcut and one to switch back. That was easy.
  4. I created a Shortcuts 2 x 2 widget that mapped onto the Shortcuts folder - on my phone.

This all works, with the strong caveat about what a watch face can contain and look like. Others might like to try it.

So thanks Rose(mary), Matt(hew), and Mac(sparky) :slight_smile: for the inspirations.