60: Cloud Automation Check-In

At the end of the episode there was a brief discussion about back-links and cross-linking in Drafts. There is a page on the Drafts web site that covers all of the wiki-style linking, and there are several options that were not touched upon on the podcast, including an option to link to sections within a particular draft.

In the show notes there is a link to Greg Pierce’s (AgileTortoise - the developer of Drafts) example action group for cross-linking. But if anyone happens to be interested in using this stuff in Drafts, I created what I believe is a broader set of actions for cross-linking in the ThoughtAsylum - Management action group.

The key section of the action group for this is unsurprisingly called Cross-Linking and at a basic level provides actions that will allow you to insert all of the various types of cross-links, but also do things like removing extraneous Markdown formatting in the link and if required (the ones with “BL” in the name), will also insert a physical back-link into the referenced draft. It also includes a couple of actions that will allow you to insert section links, prompting you with first the choice of draft, and then the choice of section.

The load a linked draft action can be particularly useful for those interested in back-links. It works with cross-links that use section links, draft title links with & without Markdown headings, and draft links based on UUID; i.e. the full gamut of cross-draft link options currently available. It generates a list of Draft back links on the fly, there’s no need to have back-links indoor drafts, only fore-links; it then uses an HTML prompt (a web page window) to display additional information when selecting a back-link to follow. I created it that way as I found it very useful to be able to clearly distinguish between drafts with similar or even identical titles. It was something that I haven’t really seen addressed in solutions in other apps, you just get the link and no metadata to help you.

The list of actions in the Cross-Linking section of the action group is currently:

  • TAD-Link for Draft (Title)
  • TAD-Link for Draft (Title+BL)
  • TAD-Link for Draft (UUID)
  • TAD-Link for Draft (UUID+BL)
  • TAD-Link for Draft Section
  • TAD-Link for Draft Section (BL)
  • TAD-Load a Linked Draft
  • TAD-Link for Workspace
  • TAD-Link for URL
  • TAD-Link for Drafts Action
  • TAD-Link for Draft Search
  • TAD-Link for Google Search
  • TAD-Link for Wikipedia Page (Name)
  • TAD-Link for Bear Note (Name)

But there is another section that may also be of interest.

There is a feature, though it is a little more manual and certainly not as seamlessly integrated as a native solution, that allows another popular feature in Roam Research to be imitated. That is the feature of having some content that is available in other content.

Now this has been around in one form, for a little while, with transclusion actions which pull in multiple-drafts to generate HTML previews*. But this approach actually embeds the content in the draft and allows you to refresh all embedded content in a draft, or when you update a source content draft, you can push out the content update to other drafts that have embedded it. It seems to work well, though I’ve not had any notable feedback on it.

You can check out the Draft Embedding section for the actions that support this.

  • TAD-Embed a Draft
  • TAD-Refresh Embeds of this Draft
  • TAD-Refresh Embeds in this Draft

* For anyone who is interested in the preview transclusion functionality, the ThoughtAsylum - Writing action group happens to have an action called TAD-Exploded Markdown Preview that does quite a few bits too, including a technique for pulling in locally stored images when previewing without utilising a web server in split screen! There’s a blog post explaining exactly what it does.

The feedback overall on these actions has been very positive. Hopefully, some of the Automators listeners will find them of use too.


Hi there,

Great episode! Not sure where to post this, as ‘home automation’ doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, but since it’s been mentioned this episode…

In a fit of enthusiasm I went to IKEA and bought the Trådfri starter pack and a few bulbs and it seems to work, but is also underwhelming…as it turns out most of the bulbs I wanted to automate are bayonet fittings and thus won’t work (my fault for not checking ahead of time).

The ones where I could fit them, are not working as expected. So here are some questions:

  • Does every bulb need to be associated with a control device (dimmer, remote control, motion sensor), or can the gateway somehow find it by itself? (And is this the same for Philips Hue?)

  • the motion control sensor for outdoors seems to work, except that the light went on so often that I ended up turning it off at the wall…is it just very sensitive? Does it just countdown a certain amount of time?

  • what is the best way to control it with the phone? IKEA app, home app or home plus app? I don’t think I understand the difference between these options…

  • do all of these things play nicely with each other? Meross power plugs, cygnet smart buttons, ikea stuff? Or do they all need their own gateway?

Would appreciate any help or pointers to where I can find help! Thanks!

IKEA do sell bayonet to E27 adapters - at least in my local store! That’s how I re-used the Hue bulbs I brought with me from Austria.

Yes, but you can use the same control device for everything. We’ll be covering this more on the show in the future, it’s a shortcoming in some respects. The good news is the IKEA rooms don’t equate to Home rooms.

I use the Home app or Siri (which uses the Home app).

If it’s all in the Home app it all plays nicely together for me.

Thanks for the clarification…I can’t find the adapters on the local (Australian) website, but they seem to be otherwise widely available. Bt I saw that Cygnett does bayonet bulbs…still chaperons than Hue, but not as cheap as Ikea (though the colour bulbs are the same).

“The good news is the IKEA rooms don’t equate to Home rooms.” That sounds great, except, I don’t understand the meaning of it…Are you saying that I can name lamps in the Ikea app a certain thing (eg Tulip lamp, front door, etc) and then in the home app I can recombine them to make up rooms such as tulip lamp plus front door = living room? And then switch them on/off as one?

Can I control any system bulb/smart switch/smart powerplug through the home app even so they all might have their own bridge/gateway (e.g. Hue, Cygnett, Ikea) as long as their HomeKit friendly (“works with Apple HomeKit”)?

If there is a good/reliable home automation for dummies website somewhere, please let me know…I clearly need help with the basics :slight_smile:

In my experience, IKEA don’t put a lot of their smaller items on the website. They’ve got some great glass plates which are missing entirely, but they’re in store and very affordable. The adapters seem to fall into the “too small and cheap to bother with on the website”. You can also grab them from Amazon.

An IKEA room needs a controller. That’s in the Home Smart app. So if you wanted to, you could put all the lights in one IKEA room with one controller. Then in the Home all to start with everything shows up in the Default Room, and you can move it wherever you like and give it different names.

There’s no Dummies book on this, but Take Control do have a book - it’s about home automation rather than specific systems, but it does cover a lot.

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Sorry for blasting you on Twitter @RosemaryOrchard. :slight_smile: Now I’ve listened to the episode I can see where you’re heading.

I do think that:

  1. Miele need to get their act together a little more: They have the basis for status updates via webhook.
  2. Knowing when a washing machine is in the final spin phase means I can run down and switch it off just as the wash finishes. (Big annoyance to DrP is if she’s on a conference call and the machine makes loud beeps until switched off - when the wash finishes.) :slight_smile:
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IFTTT extended their set your price offer to the end of the month! And from November 1st it will cost $3.99/month. Hopefully, this will suit everyone better.

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Thank you! I will have to check this out.