150: File Management Automation

While an outlier’s view, given the unsexyness of the actions (putting stuff away (especially when there is a lot) and finding it when you need it, UGH!) and comparing the attractiveness of the Finder vs the Vision Pro or some brand new AI-enhanced app, I nevertheless hold that there much gold to be found in dwelling in a question around the idea of "File Management.”

A map of “Input, Edit/Create, Output” is a tidy three-phase grand scheme that could be winnowed to a nice binary “Input/Output” with Input, including inputting changes; I prefer simplifying it further and taking a slightly different path. Just call it all Input and displaying Input. This elevates and focuses on the importance of Input and how that process is displayed, which, IMO, is keeping an eye on the ball or at least the ball I have an eye on. Obviously, there can be much said about this view, but that digresses from this post’s intent.

In moving towards simplicity and sticking with native apps when possible, keeping it down to Keyboard Maestro and Finder has thus far worked. Also, simplifying Input channels to primarily email and filing email in the Finder instead of a separate folder hierarchy within Mail eliminates places to look although necessitates automating getting email into Finder.

To this end, using Keyboard Maestro palettes in Mail that open Finder locations (filing buckets) and then dragging the mail to those Finder locations has worked. Switching as needed to the Finder and using a Keyboard Maestro palette to add Finder tags or to open a nav. dialog to fine-tune location and labeling has proven to be enough for retrieval via Finder or HoudahSpot lookup.

Tricking out Finder with Keyboard Maestro palettes has provided as much as I ask for, with ample room for growth as needs and skills change.

Finder Assistant is a large set of Keyboard Maestro macros that I’ve been using for several months. It includes the main macro and 42 subroutines; all are installed in a dedicated macro group (⋮Finder Assistant). Combined with Alfred’s Universal Actions, I’m able to complete almost every Finder task with the keyboard only. Note, however, that there is no dependency on Alfred.

If you are interested, come on over to the Keyboard Maestro forum and check out this thread…