146: OmniFocus 4: Automation Update

Great episode as usual. @RosemaryOrchard mentioned a plug-in that checks the note of a task and then files it based on the url. I had a look in the Omni automation collection, but can’t see it. Please would it be possible to share it here?

One more :see_no_evil: David talked about using a task paper template with multiple date variables and exporting to OF through shortcuts. Just wondering if anyone has done this and has an example of how it works they’d be happy to share? Thanks

I also had a question @RosemaryOrchard . You referenced a shortcut you run on your Pushcut Automation Server that checks for a new trip added to Tripit via the calendar (using the calendar sync feature of Tripit). I’m trying to work out how you do it in Shortcuts as I can’t find a calendar action that searches for new events in a. specific calendar (but I could be missing it). Could you share your methodology or shortcut?