129: WWDC 2023 Wishes

@RosemaryOrchard - regarding the ability to turn on/off a device for a period of time, while I too would love native support for this - I do have a “solution” to that problem…though it does require Homebridge. I have a homebridge plugin, homebridge-grumptech-timetriggers, which can help turn the ice maker off for an hour. The plugin publishes HomeKit accessories that each have a switch and motion service. In the configuration you can specify how long the trigger will take to trip and how long it remains tripped. While in the tripped state, the motion service reports motion detected. In the ice maker use case, one could have the trigger trip immediately upon being activated and remain tripped for one hour. Then you could create a set of HomeKit automations: one to turn the ice maker off when motion becomes detected, and the other to turn the ice maker back on when motion becomes not detected. While making the plugin was fun, I would love for Apple to sherlock it :wink:

I’m sooo ready for a cron or equivalent for iOS.

Too late in the game to make wishes now. That’s over for this release . If you had feedback, it should have been placed to Apple a year and a half ago! :grinning: Don’t be disappointed if Apple doesn’t read your mind or place your wish in the mix.