126: Safari Automation


The opening segment about automating travel got me wondering whether to use automation even to generate the list, so I turned to ChatGPT. Pretty useful as a starting point, especially with a prompt that’s tailored to the trip. It’s a bit conventional (also in assuming that I’m male because I mentioned “my wife”), but it’s a useful start.

This is my prompt to ChatGPT4:

I need a packing list for me for a 7-day vacation trip. I’ll be staying with my wife in a rented apartment. The weather will be mild. I’ll need items (including clothing and gear) suited for the following activities: long cycling rides (I’m a serious cyclist), dinners in modest restaurants, reading on my iPad, long hikes at low elevations, swimming in the lake, visiting museums, and cooking simple vegetarian meals. I use (and will be bringing on the trip) exclusively Apple technology, including an iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and Apple Watch.

This is ChatGPT’s response:

Here’s a packing list tailored to your needs for a 7-day vacation trip:


  1. Cycling jerseys (3)
  2. Cycling shorts (3)
  3. Cycling socks (3 pairs)
  4. Cycling shoes
  5. Helmet
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Light windbreaker or rain jacket
  8. Casual shirts (5)
  9. Casual pants or shorts (3)
  10. Underwear (7 pairs)
  11. Socks (7 pairs)
  12. Comfortable walking shoes
  13. Swimwear (2)
  14. Sleepwear
  15. Light sweater or jacket for evenings
  16. A belt


  1. Cycling gloves
  2. Water bottles or hydration pack
  3. Tire pump
  4. Spare tubes
  5. Tire levers
  6. Multi-tool with chain breaker
  7. Patch kit
  8. Bike lock


  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Shampoo
  4. Conditioner
  5. Body wash or soap
  6. Deodorant
  7. Razor
  8. Shaving cream
  9. Sunscreen
  10. Insect repellent
  11. Travel towel


  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. MacBook
  4. Apple Watch
  5. Chargers and cables for all devices
  6. Portable power bank
  7. Travel adapter (if needed)
  8. Earbuds or headphones


  1. Wallet (with ID, credit cards, and cash)
  2. Passport (if traveling internationally)
  3. Health insurance card
  4. Travel itinerary and confirmations
  5. Guidebooks or maps
  6. Reusable grocery bags (for shopping and cooking)
  7. Small first aid kit
  8. Snacks for cycling and hiking

Cooking essentials (if not provided by the apartment):

  1. Sharp knife
  2. Cutting board
  3. Spatula
  4. Cooking utensils (spoon, tongs, etc.)
  5. Can opener
  6. Basic spices (salt, pepper, etc.)

Remember to pack any necessary prescription medications and consider any other personal items you might need. Enjoy your trip!

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I have a bunch of Safari and browser-related automations, including Keyboard Maestro macros based on stuff posted by Dr. Drang on his blog a couple years ago.

Sometimes I need to open the current web page/tab in a different browser and so I have browser-specific macros, like this one in a conflict palette that opens the current tab in Brave

A more complicated one will extract the story headline and URL in Markdown format:

Another one will extract them in HTML format. Neither of these is foolproof because some web sites won’t provide the correct HTML for the title or put all kinds of junk where the title should be. But it does correctly grab 90% of pages and the rest can be edited pretty easily.

Here are links to the macros to download them:

I also have a macro that lets me paste the current Safari URL wherever the cursor is:

And another macros calls an AppleScript that lets me choose from among the open Safari tabs to paste the URL. (These last two are definitely from Dr. Drang)
![CleanShot 2023-04-25 at 09.50.42@2x|335x500]

I also make extensive use of the Safari Extension Tabitha that lets you export the list of open tabs in a window in various formats, including plain text, Markdown, HTML, and more.

There’s more, but I will stop there.

Thankyou for the link to Choosy app! Solves a problem I’ve had of opening discord links into Chrome.
Regarding the Tab Groups David and Rosemary have, Why not use Bookmark folders as your default tab setup? You could move into the tab group, delete all tabs to the right then open a folder of bookmarks as into the current window.
Would that do what you need?

Rosemary mentioned using PushCut to automatically add starred items from her RSS reader to GoodLinks in this episode, and I’ve been driving myself crazy trying to figure out how ever since - so much so that I created an account here just to ask (after being a longtime listener). Does anyone know where to find more information about this?

I’m a little confused by the complaint about Tab Groups in Safari. Rosemary and Dave talk (at around 1:11) about how they’re unable to reset their tab groups.

I’ve found that when I have my tab groups listed in my Favorites, I can just click on one on the Favorites Bar, and whatever state the current Safari window is in, it reduces or increases the number of tabs to their preset number, and loads each tab with the websites I’ve got configured. It sounds like Rose says Safari is unable to do this.

Am I misunderstanding the complaint?

How are you adding your tab group to favourites? Are you maybe bookmarking the current set of tabs (not the same as a tab group), or are you somehow generating a single URL that has a snapshot of the tab group at a point in time?

I don’t think that @RosemaryOrchard specified the RSS reader she was using for this, but my guess is that it is one that offers up some web integration that a tool like Make/Zapier/IFTTT can integrate with. Such a service would be able to pick up the fact that there has been a starring/favouriting and some details of the post - particularly the originating URL. The web-based integration service can then trigger a request to the Pushcut platform that can trigger a shortcut on a device running Pushcut Automation Server (see the webhook info link below), which can receive the URL in the payload and add the details to Shortcuts.

I don’t know for a fact that is how Rosemary is doing it, but it would be one way of doing it based on the sorts of tools involved, and it would match up to other automations Rosemary has talked through in the past.

Thanks a lot! I was hoping there was some way to do it with a local RSS reader (such as Reeder, the one I’m using), but this makes sense. Maybe some day - I’ll just have to keep using the share menu for now.