124: Image Automation

Thanks for this episode! The discussion about burst mode and Gemini made me remember one of my long-wished for features. If it’s burst mode or similar, I want an app or an AI to be able to merge/combine the subjects into the best possible photo.

I want the ones where nana and pop-pop are smiling to be combined with the ones where kid 1 and cousin 2 are smiling, if that makes sense.

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Curious that in the show they talk about Dropzone, but don’t mention it in the show notes. But in the show notes is a link to Yoink, a similar utility, that is not mentioned in the main podcast (I do not know if it was discussed in the extended section of the show).

Also curious that Retrobatch received nary a mention.

Thanks for mentioning CleanShot X for Mac soooo many times. I was previously using the free (and pretty well featured) Zappy from Zapier. CleanShot X is infinitely more customisable and much nicer to use. Are you sure they weren’t a sponsor? :slight_smile:

I take daily screenshots using my iPhone (a group of relatives and friends of mine share their daily games results via a Slack workspace). The screenshots are saved automatically to my Photos Library on iCloud but the name is useless (e.g., IMG_0005.PNG). I have been manually entering a Title before exporting the screenshots to my DevonThink database (using the Photos export option to assign the Title as the Filename),as I want the exported screenshots to have a filename with a date stamp. The Get Info window in Photos is rather klunky, as the conventional keyboard shortcuts (e.g., Command-C, Command-V) don’t work, making the process more time-consuming.

Any thoughts on how to automate some of this process?

I looked at Cleanshot X and the one-time only gives you 1 year of updates. The subscription is much more expensive.

Does anyone have any experience of eg upgrade pricing or buying further years’ updates?

BTW I don’t think I need their cloud storage. But you get that anyway.

I’m probably buying anyway - whatever the answer to my questions.

I also use CleanShot X, but has since seen Shottr (https://shottr.cc), which I recommend for someone not willing to pay. It also has scrolling capture as CleanShot X.

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I’ve been using CleanShot X for several years now. When it comes to upgrading, I’ve only upgraded at the point where a feature is added that I intend to use. Currently I’m running an older version (at least 6 months if not several more) because the later updates have not had any such features for me. But when they next do add one, I’ll pay the upgrade price as usual, get access to it, and a year of updates from that point.

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DEVONthink is highly automatable so you could apply lots of things post import with a lot of power behind you.

I have a script to prefix date stamps to item names for example that sounds like it might give you a starting point for your naming.

Thanks for mentioning Picsew — you reminded me of features I haven’t used in a while. One feature that you did not mention, though, is scrolling capture. I use that all the time! Hold down the ‘recording’ button in the control center, and select Picsew. When you start the broadcast you can scroll down a longer web page, social media conversation, etc., and it all gets captured in a single image. I find that more convenient than splicing together individual screenshots. And when sharing the image, the app can share as png or pdf, and can ‘slice’ it into page length segments or share as one long image.

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