114: macOS Ventura: The Automated AppDate

I have long neglected Spotlight in my Mac usage, but hearing Rosemary talk about the quick actions like “weather now” or setting a timer made me want to use it. How disappointed I was to find that it doesn’t work on my Mac! I just got a Finder search for whatever I typed in. I went through my settings, making sure Spotlight had access to location services, and had the relevant search result types turned on, but no joy. Then I found I could not even launch applications with Spotlight, despite having that category turned on for Spotlight! Any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong?

I should mention I have already tried rebuilding the Spotlight index.

OK, update: it works when I run Spotlight from the function key on my keyboard, but not when I use the keyboard shortcut. Not sure why that is but at least I can make it work now!

BetterTouchTool has actions for Stage Manager for anyone who is interested :slight_smile:


Of course it does. That app continues to amaze!