112: iOS 16 Focus Modes

Hey there I was listening the the episode today and I though I heard Rosemary say she has an automation when she goes to be that puts her Apple Watch in low power mode. Is this right or was she talking about the iPhone?

If you can put the watch in low power mode via a shortcut, how do I do it?

Hi. Great Episode. I am all in on Focus modes. I created 10 Focus Modes, and I did give them a number at the beginning of the name to put in the right order. In settings that works perfect. But when I want to select the focus on my iphone they are in random order and on my Apple Watch in another random order and on my Mac in another order. It drives me nuts. I did Google Search with no result. Does anybody know a solution? I just want to sort the list of Focus modes in the order I want by the numbers. For the moment they are not even in Alphabetical order.

I have been on a Chat with Apple support. And they say it is expected behaviour :relaxed:
Apple AI decides the order and the user has nothing to say about it. So please send bug reports to Apple so that they change this, and the user can decide for himself.