111: Automating Endor Studios

Interesting episode. Personally, I am attempting to get one home set up with HomeKit (a lack of Kasa/TP-Link integration is making this more of a challenge and expense than I would like). The Lutron switches would likely help keep my wife from divorcing me in the process but this too is expensive given the number of TP-Link switches requiring replacement. Migrating to a Philips Hue hub is a start but no solution without switches. @MacSparky commitment to making his new studio automated to his liking may become my compromise as well at least for the moment.

One thought for the project is looking at Sensibo Sky - Smart AC Controller, Make Your Air Conditioner Smart I have our other home which uses split A/C units exclusively, which is the norm for the area and cement construction, using a half dozen or so of these little units. They are compatible with voice assistants (including Siri) and smart scheduling. Humidity control can be automated which is very useful if you are trying to preserve electronic equipment. Just a thought. Additional automation via IFTTT or other platforms may also be possible although I haven’t played with these possibilities. (If these units start going on and off when my wife doesn’t expect it, I may really be in the hubby dog house!)

One final, unrelated, question. Logging into the forum, I don’t see a “Log In With Apple” option. Seems like a no brainer change for Relay to implement. (I would prefer it to using Google or FaceBook!)

Thanks for a great platform to explore the creative side of computing and automation. Keep it up! Everyone in Florida, stay safe!! Having lived through and survived Irma on a Caribbean island (and losing many windows, doors and roofs, not to mention my first batch of Sensibos), Ian should be given a great deal of respect. At least you can evacuate Florida, please do so!

In terms of sensor I would look out for presence sensor made by Lewis from everythingsmarthome channel. It’s not directly homekit but esphome based. It does include lux sensor, presence sensor and motion sensor (so it’s faster to detect) and I believe temperature sensor. He will be selling and is informing about it on histwitter
Here is video presenting his sensor and comparing it to Aqara FP1. I know it’s not available yet (if you don’t want to build your own) and you have to have Home Assistant or other more DIY-ish home automation platform but it might be great option for more advanced setups.