108: Small Automation Tools

Great episode team! Have picked up a few little apps to try (and also committed to reconnecting with BetterTouchTool).

A quick question about OmSave…I got the impression from the episode that it had the ability to change its capture template based on the site…did I imagine that?

Also - is there a keyboard shortcut to activate OmSave vs the normal service?

Really enjoyed the episode. Rosemary mentioned an automation she uses where it inspects her calendar and sets a focus mode of podcasting, and opens a tab group. I’m looking to do something similar with the classes I teach.

Any advice on approaches, triggers, etc? I’m relatively new to automations, but I’m eager to learn.

Thank you.

During the episode, @RosemaryOrchard mentioned PopClip’s Extension Snippets; the feature where you can specify a new snippet in YAML. In May, Nick Moore (PopClip developer) published details of executing Shortcuts shortcuts from PopClip.

For those who use PopClip, Shortcuts and Alfred, it may be useful to know that shortly thereafter I added support for creating these snippets for a shortcut into my Bypass workflow for Alfred. This makes it super easy to create a PopClip Extension Snippet to launch a shortcut. In effect it is helping to automate the creation of an automation.

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For anyone who is struggling with automating the Spaces feature on MacOS there’s a terrific set of Keyboard Maestro scripts by _jims that have made spaces 1000X more useful for me.

I highly recommend them.

Terrifc episode, got a handful of new tools! One you didn’t mention for Mac: KeyCue. Its basic function is displaying keyboard shortcuts that are available in a given context. Includes shortcuts from Keyboad Maestro. A recent addition: Assigning a shortcut to ANY menu item, any app. Just navigate to the menu item you want and hold down the keys for the shortcut you want to apply until KeyCue signals it’s done.