107: Control with your Voice, with Sal Soghoian


I tried adding a voice control for first inbox item. It opens omnifocus and opens my inbox, but then it speaks back to me, “Tree select is not a function. Tree select is undefined.”

Any ideas how to get that to go away?

Greetings! The “tree select” issue sounds like you’re using something other than OmniFocus 3.13 or OmniFocus 4? I assume it’s on macOS? The scripting for OmniFocus “outline” or “tree” is in 3.13 or higher on macOS.

It was on iOS. I actually figured it out this morning, I had both 3.13 and the beta version on my iPhone. I removed 3.13 and am just using the beta and it works great. Thank you!

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Excellent sleuthing – Gold Star for you!



P.S. please let us know your requests, suggestions, ideas, comments. There are response links on the website.

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I am trying to get the First Inbox Item Voice Control to work. (MacOS, OF 3.13.1) I already got my Sides flying in & out, so my set up works. When I say the magical incantation, I get the initial try window. The Run Script Button will not activate. Any ideas?

… I read the code (not my first language), and this looks like a speech function, not an Omni automation script.

Greetings! Scroll the entire script and the Run Script button will activate.


“On all platforms (iOS, iPadOS, macOS) the displayed script must be viewed in its entirety prior to the execution control being enabled.”

Omni Automation has Speech Synthesis (TTS) classes!


:man_facepalming: - Thanks @Sal !