102: Automating DEVONThink

Wish I heard more about why imported > indexed. I think the hosts alluded to it being more powerful, but I didn’t catch how/why. I’ve always been concerned about lock-in with importing.

With importing, you can limit yourself to navigating your files only through DT, right? (Or spotlight) In general these wouldn’t be files you share with other people, or with other apps?

What if you change your mind, and want to share a bunch of groups/folders with a new employee (or a new app like obsidian) for example?

you should still be able to access the imported file in its native format:

One thing that wasn’t quite clear for me is where each person stored their database.

I think @RosemaryOrchard was saying she stored hers on an external drive? Whereas I’m assuming @MacSparky was storing his on his Macbook SSD. Have I got that right?

I’m interested as I’ve currently got mine stored on a Synology NAS (due to its size) - but I’m aware that’s not recommended by DT.

Yes the files are still in their original format. But the folder structure, or nested tag structure, would be locked-in, right?

I’m afraid I don’t know. You might have to try an experiment.

That’s why they have a built in option to export, so you are not locked in. Digging around in the package file can be done, but that’s making things hard for yourself.

For thw export, folder structure can be preserved and tags I’m pretty sure are exported as additional metadata for import files (whereas indexed files I think they are held as Finder tags).

@MacSparky was kind enough to make a discount code available for his DT Field Guide…

I’m clearly being stumped with the American English spelling of the first part of the code… Anyone try it, and get it right? Being told the code is invalid, various spelling permutations notwithstanding…

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I tried a few permutations too and had no luck :frowning:


Cheers – good to know it’s not just me (and that I can – seemingly – still spell)!

I’ve been having the same problem. I’ve tried with and without caps but all attempts have been unsuccessful. I’m sure this will be fixed shortly! :+1:

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The lock-in was one of my biggest concerns. You can actually just drag and drop straight out of DevonThink and have a file in the original format. If you drag out a library or collection, you get file folders organized the same way you’ve organized them in DevonThink.