YouTube video to Audio Podcast in Overcast?

Try Listenbox

I have a simple shortcut that sends a URL to my server. On the server, I run youtube-dl and the audio part of the video (if it’s a video) goes into a specific folder. That folder is part of a dircaster hierarchy, so the file is added to an RSS feed that I’ve subscribed to in Overcast. The video/audio muxed file goes into a different dircaster RSS feed which I subscribe to in Downcast.

Complicated, but I had everything in place but the shortcut for a long time, so it was basically no extra effort.

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I would love to see this, @jonpdw. I’ve been learning Python and this is the exact kind of thing I’m trying to do. I’ve tried to do it myself but I’m running into some trouble. Seeing your example would be a big help!

Here you go. I had to remove my cookies from cookies.txt and I also modified my dropbox api key so its now fake.

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Thanks so much, @jonpdw!

Hi everybody, I made a little web app that allows you to extract the audio from online videos (YouTube and all the other sites supported by youtube-dl) and upload it to your Overcast Premium uploads.
This is based on @AndrewM’s cloudy-uploader.

Here is my tool, which you can self-host:
And here is my demo install, which you’re welcome to use:


Very cool… Do you have a synology by chance?

No, I have a Linux-based home server, but it should definitely work on Docker on any Intel-based Synology.

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When I run this with python3, I keep getting errors that says to can’t find and import youtube_dl.

File “”, line 2, in
import os, youtube_dl, threading, random, json, subprocess
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘youtube_dl’

Google say to update my youtube-dl installation but that didnt help. Did you have this problem?


Try to install youtube-dl through pip3:

sudo pip3 install youtube-dl

Thanks. I went with the Docker version and it works great. Nice work.

did you perhaps mean the change the docker command in your GitHub ReadMe from

docker run -p 5000:80 lucatnt/als2cue_web

docker run -p 5000:80 lucatnt/cloudytube


Ooops, that comes from a copy-paste from the readme of another project of mine!
Thanks for the heads up :+1:t2:

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