YouTube audio to Overcast

Hey all! :wave:

I’ve been playing around with a few different Shortcuts to upload the audio of a YouTube video directly to Overcast. This could be useful for TED Talks, lectures, or anything else you like!

The shortcut does the following:

  1. Accepts a YouTube video URL
  2. Downloads the video and extracts the audio
  3. Saves the audio to Files
  4. Opens for you to upload the file
  5. Deletes the file from Files upon your return

It’s not a completely hands-off process, but it works relatively well.

You can download the Shortcut here:

As I said in another thread, I can’t take full credit for this as it’s an amalgamation of a few different Shortcuts. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note of the creators of those Shortcuts when I downloaded them, so apologies to the actual creators!


Wow, thanks! I’ll def check this out. I do use HuffDuffer a lot already. And I pay for Overcast.

Sweet! I added it to this list as well!

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Thank you so much :-):grinning:

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The delete file after upload to Overcast is genius. Would love to see this implemented on more shortcuts and I’ll definitely be adding it to my own.

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Here is a simpler solution that does not tax your CPU.

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I played around with Huffduffer a few years ago, it’s another great solution!

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Any ideas on how to delete a file after upload for use in the Share Sheet? Would love to upload a file using the Wordpress action and then automatically delete that file. Can’t figure out how to do this in the share sheet yet as a Shortcut.