Would like to automate some DevonThink functionality

Hi everyone,
I have about 100 folders containing about 55 jpgs each. The jpgs are named in numerically (it’s scans of magazine pages from archive.org). I want to compile these into one pdf file containing all the pages in order. I can achieve that in a couple of steps in DevonThink (Pro 3):

  1. Select all the jps and convert each jpg into a pdf
  2. Merge the individual pdfs into a single pdf

Which is fine, but doing it 100 times is going to be a pain.

I don’t see any way of automating this in DevonThink so I’m interested in suggestions on how to proceed. Is Shortcuts an option here or should I be biting the bullet and going with some AppleScript? I also have KeyboardMaestro, but the functions I’m using in DevonThink don’t have hotkeys assigned so I think that may be a non-starter.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Set DevonThink aside for a moment. Search this forum for “merge PDFs” and have a read through the resulting topics. Shortcuts may very well work if your images are not huge (there could be memory issues if they are), but there are *many* ways to merge or concatenate PDF files and there are a few methods discussed on the forum already that might help you out.

Good point. I’ll do some more digging.