Would an Objective C Bridge help with the API demands?

Quite a lot of requests on here are for more APIs (there are a few Photos APIs I would love, but that is another topic)

Simon, would it be possible for you to add an Objective C Bridge (like Pythonista, http://omz-software.com/pythonista/docs/ios/objc_util.html)?

This would allow others to develop APIs (at least until Simon has time to create ‘official’ versions)


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Hey Martin,

This is something I’ve already been looking into. It’s not currently at a point where it can be shipped but it’s something I’m going back and forth to now and then. Hopefully I’ll ship it in a future update.


Hello, any news on the progress?

Sorry for the late answer! I’ve made a little progress on this but not something that’s ready to be released yet.

Lol this would seriously help with one of the topics I saw ( I think it was about vibration through scriptable )

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