Works from phone not from watch

I created a Shortcut to append dictated text to a Note. It works fine when I trigger Hey Siri, Add a Note on my phone, but when I try that from my watch I get an error: Shortcut says invalid app, please select a valid app for Append to Note.

Any idea why this might be, and is there a fix?



I would assume it’s because Notes isn’t an app on the watch (annoyingly.) If your note is JUST text then Drafts might be an option for you.

Right. I’m not currently a Drafts user (I know; unthinkable) but it might be worth playing with some other places where I could send the dictated text.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I assume there are other note taking apps that might work? But I live in either Drafts or Apple Notes. good luck finding a better option for you.