Workflow to create reminders based on email

When I view an email, I want to be able to create a reminder based on some information in the email so I can act on it later. I’m using the standard iOS Mail app. Currently, I have a Shortcut that accepts input from the clipboard (I select and copy the subject line) and it creates a reminder on a specific list. Then, I flag the message so I can find it later without having to scroll through my email.

This works fairly well but I think it could use some improvement. It’s not as streamlined as I would like for it to be. This is my wish list:

  • Easily access the sender field to add more info to the reminder itself.
  • Automagically gather the info I wanted without manual interaction of the select and copy.
  • Flag the email for later reference. Or, can I store a link to the email in the Notes section of the reminder?

I installed Scriptable to see if it can address some of these requirements. I only see one item for Mail, which sends an email.

I’m looking for suggestions on how to approach this.

Have you considered migrating to an online system? E.g. whenever you flag/star/apply a specific label then this gets added to your system for you? You could accomplish this with something like IFTTT relatively easily.

I use the free Spark mail app which does this - it works perfectly. You can use the standard Snooze period or customize it, along with just about anything else.

Recently Mail Templates has been added, too