Workflow time and date calc help!

So I am fairly new to Workflow (The app) and have never really used it seriously until now! I am stuck with a date and time function if anyone could help me!

What I am wanting to do is:

Ask for start time

Ask for duration

Calculate the length of event based on start time and duration and store a variable

Use the variable to set end time.

This is part of a much bigger workflow, and I am taking it to step by step in an attempt to learn the program!


PS. This is what I tried already and it didn’t work :frowning:

  1. Ask input (Time and Date) {For the start and end time}
  2. Ask input (Number) {For the duration}
  3. Adjust date (Time and Date[1] + Number[2])

I world actually suggest using “ask when run”, like this:

This allows you to just type anything (tomorrow, next Tuesday, etc), and Workflow can fuzzy match that to a time.

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Fantastic! Thank you, Rose!

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