Workflow podcast and waze

I want to make a workflow I can use when I’m on my way to work. It will find a podcast and also use Waze to get the best route. I’m curious how can I get the podcasts into workflow and also do i always have to hit go when using waze???

Workflow has been superseded by the Shortcuts app, so you want to use that as your basis.

If you use the podcast often enough, your podcast client app supports it and you trigger it playing via Siri, then after a few uses it should appear as an action within. The Shortcuts app so you can add it to a custom shortcut.

I’d use a URL scheme trigger for Waze, maybe to a predefined location like home, or one that you pass in via the custom shortcut. BUT the show in maps action also supports Waze, so that might prove easi, though potentially not as customisable.

I don’t believe that you can auto initiate go; but I may be wrong on that.

Hope that helps.

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