Workflow: logging food to Health

If someone like to log some food / nutriment - its possible with “Log Health Sample”. I personally log each water-/fat- and sugar intake so i can see my progress. Not that i catch my targets :wink: , but i see the direction. Even a multiple selection is possible - just add a menu-item.

My workflow (its in German), but you will understand it. :wink: Just edit it to what you need.


As far as food is concerned I only track my caffeine consumption, with Caffeine++ in Health and with Strides Habit Tracker in my habit list.

Two manual actions that I hope I can combine into a single Siri shortcut when iOS 12 is out… (“Siri, large coffee”, “Siri, green tea”, etc.)

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Thanks for mention Caffeine++, will take a look. Never found good values for caffeine to use, but now. :slight_smile: