Workflow help - Am I available workflow

Hi guys,

So I want to make a ‘workflow’ workflow to find out if I already have a job booking in on a specific date, but every time I try I fail. Help please hive mind!


I think we’d need more to go on.

Presumably you want to check against your calendar for job bookings. What format do you record them in? I.e. How do you distinguish them from any other calendar event. Maybe they have their own calendar or you use a naming convention.

Next what is the time frame you are wanting to check? Just the one specific day/date, or do you need more flexibility? Now. This morning. Today. The current working week. The next 7 days. Etc.

What do you want back? A yes/no, a list of jobs, a count of jobs, the total time jobs are booked in for,…

Also if you are trying and failing it might be useful to share your ‘best’ try and what is the failure aspect and then get help in making that one work.

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The events are stored in there only calendar. I’d like the input to be flexible. So I could put something like “12/09/18 - 19/09/18”. And finally I’d like it to return a list of events with times.


Maybe just something like this then.

Change the calendar to be your jobs calendar. When you run it you will be prompted to set a start and end date (end date defaults to start date). The workflow then retrieves and sorts the events between those dates in that calendar.

For each event, it builds a text string - the title of the event followed by the start and end (date & time in default formats; you can of course modify that).

The text strings re then combined into a single string such that each string is on its own line. The final string of all event information is then shown to the user.

That is the perfect jumping off point for me! Thank you so much! I shall now tinker with it and make it perfect! Thank you for the help @sylumer