Workflow: Goodwill Auctions bid reminder

We’re hunting down bargains on cups and saucers for a charity event. The Goodwill auctions site is a great source for this, but has some downsides:

  • Shipping costs must be obtained via a form. You can’t filter or sort on cost+shipping
  • There’s no working “snipe” service available to bid at the last minute; you need to keep track yourself.

Given a destination zip code and time zone (both configured at the top of the script), this script (run as an action on an item’s Safari page)

  1. Grabs the current minimum bid
  2. Calculates shipping via a web request
  3. Checks the auction ending time
  4. Adjusts for time zone differences
  5. Shows you the current cost and shipping, and if you approve…
  6. Creates a reminder with the current cost and shipping, a link to the item, and a “remind me” time 5 minutes before the end of auction (in the “Auctions” list, which must already exist).

This is my first fairly-complex workflow, so I’d love to hear suggestions.

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