Widget with changing date and text

Hey guys,

Im trying to code a widget like in the picture i posted.!
it should contain the changing date atleast the text is optional.
I would be really happy if someone could help me with this or could share a link to something related to my problem.
changing date widget|230x500

It would probably be worth posting what you have so far and what the specific issue you have is.

If you are starting from scratch, the forum currently has many ongoing discussions about widgets involving dates, (pseudo-)transparency, etc. that could give you a starting point. You don’t even need to search so much as just browse posts for the last six weeks in the Scriptable part of the forums - it is positively brimming with people sharing and discussing widget examples.

Hope that helps.

First off thank you for your answer.
Yes I am starting from scratch and have been browsing the forum for the last hour but couldnt find something that helped me

Did you try using the app Scriptable to create a widget like this?

If you have some basic javascript knowledge this widget shouldnt be too hard to create.

yes i used the app and got it working now thanks for the answer

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