Where could I find a straightforward list of regex for common text transformations?

I have a number of references but they are much too long and complex, for example instead of

remove blank lines regex: replace (?m)^\n with (blank) end of story. That’s all I need.

, they go on and on for 3 pages: “if notepad” “if notepad++”, if file etc

I was told to just learn regex and figure it out myself but have other fish to fry. Please note that I am referring to very common text transforms.

thanks in advance for your time and help

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There are different flavours of regex that depend on platform, language, application, etc. There isn’t always a perfect one size fits all.

Your examples note highlighted text. How do you define highlighting? Text selection, some critic markup for highlighting,…? Specifics can be really important, and do note that there can be different interpretation even of what constitutes a line - e.g. with or without line endings, which themselves can vary.

Also note if you are making substitutions, you may want to apply additional groupings to reference them in the replacement.

Good general sources for specific regex can be every programmer’s best friend, Stack Overflow, and the regex101 library.


I apologize for the delay. I rushed to the regex link you provided and forgot to thank you.
Excellent reference. Thanks very much