What Does Pushcut Support on Apple Watch Consist Of?

I’m confused. What can I expect of Pushcut’s Apple Watch support?

I thought I could kick something off from the Pushcut app on the watch. I don’t see instructions or examples on how to do that. (And actually I’d love to be able to kick something Pushcut-ish off from a “menu” Shortcut - which I already have - in a complication.)

Likewise I’m not 100% sure what Pushcut notifications look like on the watch. I think I’m getting them. Again I’m not sure where to find documentation or examples.

(Sorry @sliemeobn but I think this is one area where the documentation needs improvement.)

In case it matters the watch is a Watch 5 running 7.0.2.

I am with you, could be a bit more clear in the documentation.

At the moment, the only “feature” on the watch is notification support. ie: when your watch picks up a Pushcut notification, it will give you a UI that allows you to run certain notification actions directly from your wrist (like HomeKit, web requests, Automation Server, …).

That is pretty much it. Unfortunately, ever since the last few watchOS updates I have received a few reports of things not working reliably on the watch anymore.

I am having a hard time reproducing any of these reports, so I cannot say anything for certain right now.

OK. I understand. Probably best to be cautious in documentation until the Watch app is on more solid ground.

But, in principle, I should be able to kick off stuff from a notification - as you say. That’s useful to me.

(I think I can actually get what I need in terms of triggering stuff via a Shortcuts “menu” complication I have, including webhooks.)