Weekly review shortcut help

I am using weekly reviews to help plan and review where I spent my time. I have an automation that pulls all completed reminders from the past week and store it in my notes app. I am looking to do something similar with calendar events as well, but am struggling with the output.

I am able to set dates, find all events on work calendar, but then the output is not what I want. Specifically I would like the title, the start and end time, and maybe the notes/url with it. From what I am able to see I can pull these all individually but it just gives me a list (aka text output will be title 1, title 2, title 3, start time 1, start time 2, start title 3, end time 1……etc).

Any help on getting the output variables to link so I get “title 1, start time 1, end time 1, title 2, start time 2….”


You can loop through the list of calendar items. For each, use a text field and populate it with the magic variables from the repeat (calendar) item in the format you want. Then you can either add these to a variable in loop, or just let them drop out as the result of the loop. At the end, combine them i; the overall format you require.

I’m still relatively beginner at this. I included what I have so far, which is now allowing me to get the info but I don’t think I’m using the repeat correctly.


This version shows how to use the repeat item. Or at least how I might use it for your use case.


Thank you that’s exactly what I needed. Wasn’t able to figure out how to adjust the repeat variable.