WatchOS Shortcut bugs/inconsistencies?

I have s shortcut which asks for dictated text, inserts it into a Google Search and returns the result. It works fine on the iPhone. On the Watch, things get more interesting. If I execute this Shortcut using the Shortcuts app on the Watch, it works fine. However, if I execute it using Siri, after asking for the dictated search text, it says I cannot execute that on the Watch and to go to the phone.

Moreover, I have another SC called Shortcut Runner that looks for a shortcut with a name that I dictate and then executes it. The same problem holds, it says the Google Search can’t be done on the Watch. Even more puzzling, if I run the same Shortcut Runner shortcut from a Watch complication it works perfectly and I can search Google. It is quite inconsistent to say the least.

Unrelated (probably), is the fact that the “Stop Listening After Short Pause” option in the Dictate text action works on the watch if you execute the SC using Siri but does not work (it just waits for you to hit Done) if executed from the Shortcuts app. Also, inconsistent.

And while I’m on the subject of inconsistencies, why is it that I have to confirm running a shortcut if it’s run from a complication when I don’t have to confirm it if I just execute it from the Shortcuts app all on the watch.

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