Wanted: DataJar for macOS

DataJar on the iPhone is a great thing. I would like to use such a database on my Mac and then automate it accordingly with KeyboardMaestro. Does anyone know such an app?

What Data Jar specific feature or features are you looking for?

Arguably the primary feature is persistence across shortcuts, but Keyboard Maestro variables already accommodate that through the use of global variables.


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One example: A dictionary

Keyboard Maestro supports JSON (which you have probably come across as a dictionary object compatible format In Shortcuts), which (see the bottom of the Docs), you can store in a variable.



Good solution! I will work with that idea :blush:

Although I will say that I would like to have shared data between mac and iOS. Some sort of database that I can keep some info. Currently I have a number text files that I keep either a running markdown list, or a CSV file so that I can access it on either device. I know Iā€™m excited to see the offering for a Apple Silicon mac and being able to run iOS apps.