Ventura Shortcuts forgets keyboard shortcuts

This may have been answered elsewhere, but searching for help with Shortcuts is problematic.

My problem is that Shortcuts on Ventura (MacBook Air 13" M1) keeps forgetting the assigned keyboard shortcuts.

Example. I have a shortcut that creates a string and adds it to the clipboard so that I can paste it into my app of choice. I trigger this using Cmd-Opt-Shift-N. I run this shortcut once a week.

Problem: when I hit Cmd-Opt-Shift-N, nothing happens.

What I expected to happen: the shortcut would run and a new text string would appear on my clipboard.

If I go back to Shortcuts and re-add the keyboard shortcut, it works. But next time I try to use the keyboard shortcut, Shortcuts has forgotten it.

This is clearly not the intended behaviour.

Is anyone else seeing this? Is there a solution? Is there even a way to search for keyboard shortcut problems with Shortcuts?

All help gratefully received…