Using Shortcuts to get an automatic prompt to complete a COVID QR 'check in' at a location

Hi Automators!

I know this forum is largely US-based and I have no idea if you guys are also scanning a billion QR codes every time you leave your house but if you are then you might also find this useful:

Instead of scanning the same QR code every time you arrive at work (for example), you can get the link out of the QR code and use a location-triggered Shortcut to open it instead. (I think that’s plenty of instruction for a bunch of automation nerds, but I did post some more detailed steps here if they are useful.)

I think it was mentioned on a recent podcast that sometimes the simple automations are the best ones and I think this is a good example!


Really good idea Kaitlin!!

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very very good idea! :smiley:
Had not thought of it but will save a lot of searching for the QR code

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I wish things like this were the norm in the US, but that’s another topic for another day and another forum. :upside_down_face:


I am QLD, Aus and it’s mandatory to check-in everywhere (you get fined if you don’t). Aka I went to a big football match yesterday and you have to check-in! I actually searched for this automation a few weeks back and found nothing. So thanks to OP @Kaitlin for posting.

All of the check-in signs (at least in QLD) have a backup 6 digit number on them so I have been copying that down and using it to make it faster, but your idea @Kaitlin is just awesome.

My perspective is I wish they would upgrade to NFC scanning as they have at the football games (think large stadiums), you just have the ticket (or your details) on apple wallet and you just swipe and you are in! I find it clunky to have to scan a QR code every time. So fortunate that at least with an apple watch you don’t have to manually unlock the phone every time to be able to scan the code (as masks stop faceID).

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Ditto in NSW.

Frustratingly, the Service NSW app doesn’t support unlocking with the watch so it took me a while to figure out that there was actually an option to disable FaceID altogether in that app. So it’s a bit less of a nuisance now, though still a code to input. My partner with my hand-me-down iPhone 7 and its Touch ID is better off in this regard (but admittedly not many others!) :joy: