Using Hazel's rename action to insert a space

Hello all. Did some searching and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for (But did download a Better Finder Rename 10 to play with).

I’m trying to rename files whose naming convention isn’t properly formatted (For other workflows, and for my OCD organizational mind).

The files I’m getting are formatted “Name- Description - Date.extension” and I’m looking to just insert a lovely space in between the name and the first hyphen so that it’s “Name - Description - Date.extension.”

It looks like using wildcards I could get Hazel to identify the file names I’m looking for, but not use wildcards in the renaming action.

Am I missing something?

What you need is the custom Text tool – this one you can use in the rename section.

Note that in the first picture, where the text is grabbed there is no space between “Costom Text 1” and the “-”. In the renaming section there is a space between those two.

Edit: this is only problematic if there are other “-” in the description, name or date.

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