Using a Dictionary to Create a Menu in Shortcuts - With Toolbox Pro

This time I’m looking at making the menu with a dictionary. Also show how to use emoji as icons.
Another way of making pretty menus in Shortcuts.

i was doing this, too, but I experienced high differences in the execution time of the ToolBox Pro Menus against the native choose from List action. Especially when the dictionary gets bigger and bigger. This lead me to just create a teext based list (with emojis as prefix-indicators) in the loop and use the native action because its way faster in often used shortcuts.

I’ve just tested time it takes for menus to pop up with the standard way and the Toolbox Pro way. There’s not much in it really.

Thinking about menus after this experimentation and seeing as we can add emojis in to the Shortcuts menus easily, why bother doing the more difficult way.
The only reason really will be if you have to have the icons from the icon generator and need specific colours. Or if you need a Subtitle.

I expect I will stay with the standard Shortcuts Menu actions. No need to make the job more difficult just for the sake of it…