[Update 5.19.22] Automation Control - Manage and Schedule your Shortcuts Automations

Forgot to post the update here, sorry.

Update May 19, 2022

Back with another update to Automation Control for you all. Truly excited about this release.


Before I dig into the details, let me first give /u/mvan231 the biggest Thank You for the time he’s spent in helping me in getting Automation Control to the point it is today. Without his expertise, influence and willingness to help, this shortcut surely wouldn’t be as dope as I think it is today. Much appreciated dude!!

Check out the posted link for more details on the new scheduling system, new screenshots, setup videos and more.

What’s New

Automation Schedluer (Autorun)

Based on Cron Job Scheduling by /u/joshdholtz with modifications by /u/mvan231 to give somewhat a GUI interface.

  • Schedule automations to run:
  • On multiple select hours like 2pm,4pm,6pm
  • Within a range of hours like from 12pm-8pm
  • On certain dates of the month like every 1st or 20th of the month
  • In certain months of the year if you only want the automation to run in the month of May or December
  • Specific days of the week if you’d like your automation to run only on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Updated the Change Schedule flow to support the new scheduling schemes

Automations Controller

  • Consolidated the Control Toggle system and Controller creation system into a menu together
  • Added ability to remove a controller right through the shortcut
  • Added the last time run date to the toggle screen where it was only displayed in the overview previously
  • Added sorting of Controller items from A-Z

Interested in running shortcuts in the background for extended periods of time, check out the following post by /u/gluebyte [iOS] Running shortcuts in the background for many hours