Unofficial Cortex Meetup - London, November 10th 2018

I was chatting in the /r/Cortex subreddit and an unofficial Cortex meeting is going to happen!

Time and Place:
14:00 November 10th @ Vapiano
19-21 Great Portland St, W1W 8QB

Link to the comment.

While Cortex isn’t Automators I feel there is a fair amount of overlap, if I can make it then I definitely will (the flights are cheap that weekend!), but the more people who turn up the merrier. This will be a productivity oriented session - discussing workflows and setups :slight_smile:

Not 100% certain I can make that date but if I can I will.

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Cortex the podcast? (Just to make sure we’re not talking about a new language or platform or browser or something!)

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Yes! The podcast :slight_smile: (Which is why it seemed relevant. I’m sure there’s a venn diagram of listeners which is very circular!)

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Is there a slim chance to meet Mike & Grey? :grinning:

Microscopic? It’s not an official meet-up in any sense :slight_smile:

Oh so there is a chance?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sounds really cool, cortex is one of my favourite podcasts, if only I did not live on the other side of the world…

Just to confirm: I have booked plane tickets and will be in London all day Saturday (early flight back Sunday morning so I’m staying at Heathrow though). Even if you can’t make it at 2pm poke me here or on Twitter if you would like to meet up and nerd out about automation :slight_smile:

Yes, I have stickers! :wink: