Unexpected result posting data to Numbers spreadsheet using Siri Shortcut

Unexpected result writing values to Numbers spreadsheet

I’ve written a shortcut to dump all my Workout data into a Numbers spreadsheet. It works great… kind of.

All the data ends up in the correct file, sheet, and table for the data in the first repeat item. Them Shortcuts gives me a notification asking “Which spreadsheet?” with a choose spreadsheet button.

The only why I can get the second repeat item to work is to hit the button and navigate to the correct file again.

I can’t find any setting or place where I’ve accidentally stuck in an ask every time variable.


It is always best to link to your entire shortcut so people can investigate what you have done. Even a screenshot of the entire shortcut would only tell part of the story, so links to download a Shortcut are almost always the way to go to let others quickly review what is going on and offer suggestions.

Thanks. I’ll remember that for the future.

Strangely, it just started working this morning.