(Un)Resolve Conflicts

Frequently when I open a shortcut on my ipad I receive a pop up stating that there are two versions of my shortcut. Both last updated on the same device, sometimes at the same time, sometimes off by a minute or two. I then have to pick one to resolve the conflict without having any way of knowing which is the correct choice.

I imagine usually they are really the same and it doesn’t matter which I pick. Unfortunately this last time I seemed to have chosen poorly and lost some of my work.

Is there anyway to roll back my choice?

Ugh. This happened to me. Unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer.

But it is why I pretty much stopped trying to do anything serious with shortcuts. Too much hassle to get it to work in the first place, and then this.


This seems to be a bit of a feature at the moment.

You can always select both of the Shortcuts that are listed. You will then get a prompt to confirm keeping both. One of the versions will be in its original location (including any folder that you have it in) and under the original name. The second copy will be at the top of the All Shortcuts folder and will have the same name but with a numeric postscript (1 if you have no other copies).

You can then check both of them out and keep/delete the appropriate copy.

Hope this helps.


That is great to know, thanks. You would think selecting both would be the default, or at least presented as an option in the dialogue box.