Typing Out Dates in Keyboard Maestro

As much as I love and agree with the info shared in the Text Expansion episode of the podcast; I already have Keyboard Maestro and I really want to avoid another subscription.

So instead of buying Text Expander, I made a series of Keyboard Maestro macros to help me with typing out the day and date. Instead of typing in an email “this Monday” by hand I type “;thismon” and get “this Monday (04-29-19)” automatically.

Here is a post I wrote about it that had a link to the macro group post I have this and next for every day of the week as well as Today and Tomorrow.

I hope they save you some time!


I do not have KM or a subscription to Text Expander, but this is a great idea that I hope I can get to work with something I do have.

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I went looking and found a post by Helmut Hauser that included Applescripts for “this weekday” and “nextday next week” that, with a bit of tweaking, worked perfectly.

All I need to do now is remember that I have these snippets in TextExpander.

You may want to check out the post Natural language dates anywhere with Keyboard Maestro - BrettTerpstra.com

In any app, while I’m typing I can use >> to start a date string for conversion, and end it with < . Typing >>tom 3p< will output “2016-11-13 3:00pm.” Or get an ISO timestamp with >>i now< : “Sat Nov 12 2016 3:52 PM.” I can even create unix timestamps quickly using >>u yesterday 5pm< : 1478905200.

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+1 for Brett Terpstra’s date macros. I depend on them, not just for text, but also for tasks — much easier to write @due(>>monday<) than remember Monday’s date! And definitely easier than rolling my own.