Typing out a list in Shortcuts

I have a shortcut that includes an Ask For Input action where I would type out a list (in the traditional sense of the word) pressing return to put the name of a different document on each line. Now, after upgrading to iOS 13, pressing return closes that action and moves onto the next. The Input is set to Text. Has anybody come across this and is there a solution?

Not seeing that behaviour.

For me Ask For Input gives a multi line text entry box and hitting Return just moves to the next line of the box as you’d expect.

Might be an artefact of the Shortcut having been migrated from iOS 12. Have you tried creating a new Shortcut that asks for text input to see if you get the same behaviour ?

No. It I’ll try it. Cheers

Try hitting Shift + Enter to get to the next line. (Don’t currently have a keyboard nearby to check, but I think that’s the combination!)

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