Trying to create multiple shortcuts using dictionaries logging expenses in categories & sub-categories

I realize that once I move on to the various scripting options, this may get a lot easier, but I would first like to get the foundation down and work with dictionaries to develop something everyone can use simply with shortcuts. I’m starting to think that dictionaries may only work one key to one value but I’m trying to log to a spreadsheet input of multiple things but ultimately both an expense category and an expense subcategory. The goal being to get a good topline overview of spending/earnings, but with the ability to drill down still at a higher level and get better analysis of results. My sticking point is that I’m able to choose the key (category), but when I try to get a list of associated sub-categories (like category: Automotive sub-category: Fuel) the value part (fuel) never shows up. The output would ultimately look like:


By logging to a spreadsheet I’d be able to easily calculate what was spent on Entertainment as a whole or more specifically just find out how much was spent on drinks. I made this category/sub-category table to help out but I’m thinking I may have to go the whole add to variable route but I just want to be sure.

Shortcut - Expense Log w Dictionaries for Category & Sub Cats

I think this is what you are after:

Dictionary sub-category

Hope this helps…

Damn, I knew it was going to be something so simple that one of you pros would come up with so easily. I literally spent 10 hours working on it in many forms…this is so helpful and I really appreciate your help.


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