Trying to create a workflow (not Workflow) for logging and organizing cases

I don’t automate too much other than with Textexpander/Devonthink/Keyboard Maestro. Up until now, I didn’t really have that many repetitive tasks that I thought I could automate. But now I’m up against a challenge and I’m hoping for some feedback/suggestions.

I have to collect surgical cases for my board exams. This means organizing documentation (clinic notes, operative report, and pre-,intra-,post-operative photos for every surgery that I do for the next 10 months), and then entering information on a website in a log.

So this is really two different workflows for one “task”:

  1. Getting all the files into some sort of file structure/database
  2. Entering the information into the website

For obvious reasons, I cannot store patient information in most “free” clouds. I don’t need things to sync between devices, as it will only be accessed on my own computer. I’ve thought about using DEVONThink (which I already use for other things) or just a shallow file structure (one folder per patient). Wondering on people’s thoughts about that. I’m leaning towards the file structure only because I don’t need a crazy search capability–for instance, I won’t need to summarize (for myself) the number or dates of every surgery X I’ve done. Anything I need to search for will most likely be as an individual patient.

Photos I’m taking with a Canon point and shoot (it feels more secure than using my iPhone to have a dedicated camera for this purpose). I haven’t figured out how to wireless transfer photos to my computer, though I may just plug it in for simplicity anyways.

In terms of automation, I’m trying to think of a way that will let me automatically move downloaded photos, and PDF’s into the appropriate places with naming conventions. I would be downloading in batches (once every other week or so; or more frequently depending on how many cases I’ve done)

For logging onto the website, I suspect a combination of Textexpander and Keyboard Maestro will work–not sure what that workflow looks like yet as I haven’t started to enter things into the website yet.

Ideas appreciated.

Have you considered Hazel? It sounds like it might be just what you need for this part. Obviously the exact implementation will be dependent on what you’re starting with and what file structure you need in the end.

Ha I forgot to mention Hazel :slight_smile: Yes, that sounds like a great idea.