Troubleshooting Shortcuts

Previously I had no problems with short it’s but recently it’s been acting weird. The most pressing issue is Overcast actions are not being loaded into shortcuts. I’ve deleted Overcast and re-downloaded, restarted my iPhone, updated to 13.1.1, and still the problem persist. Before I nuke and pave my OS, does anyone else know a better/quicker fix?

Same issue with Pushcut on my iphone 6s, also on 13.1.1. Works fine on ipados

Go into the ios settings for Overcast>>Siri & Search>> enable the “learn from this app” which I think is what did it for me on pushcut

Double-checking and this is already “on”. I turned it off/on, restarted with it off then turned it on and still nothing. 13.1.2 just dropped sooooo hopefully it fixes it :crossed_fingers:t2:

It worked briefly for me and then stopped, loading 13.1.2 now

…Still broken. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit more. Not sure if this is an iOS/Shortcuts issue or Overcast issue.

Agreed, not working for pushcut on 13.1.2 either