Trouble with simple automation with calendar events and text

Hi there and thanks in advance for the help. My last programming experience was AppleSoft basic in the mid 80s. :slight_smile:

I created a shortcut ( to go through my band calendar and grab the title and start date for upcoming gigs. All the gigs start with 3WB @ (3WB being the name of the band).

What I would like is to create a text block that has the Title - Start Date for each event added to a list and the whole list copied to the clipboard. Then I can automate pasting upcoming gigs into our emails. I have made a similar shortcut for rehearsals, but since they don’t have a Title (rehearsals are always at the same place) it works fine.

But I for the gigs get a text block that lists all the titles and then all the dates. I’d like them to be arranged side by side in a list.

I have also tried using the Add variable action, but I can’t get it quite right.



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@mhodos - you need to add a repeat block to loop through the found calendar entries. The output of that repeat loop is a list. The combine text action will then create a text block that you can then add to clipboard or use in other steps. Here’s an example of the relevant steps you should consider adding:

I hope this helps. Let me know if any questions — jay

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@jayelevy - thank you for your help. Unfortunately I get the same results with your suggestions. A list with all the titles of the events, then a solitary dash, and then the list of all the dates.

I get the same result with and without the loop, and with and without the combine text action.

I’m sorry if I am misunderstanding and appreciate the help.


@mhodos - try this shortcut example. You will need to verify that the name of the Calendar you are searching is still correct in the Calendar action.

— jay

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Thank you!!!

I could not find the difference between my failure and your success. But it works great.

Thanks again,


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